What is the Phenomenal Women’s Group?

The Phenomenal Women Group, Inc. (ThePhenomenalWomen.Org) is a vibrant organization with hundreds of members around the world working together to improve their businesses and making it easier for women to find resources and mentorship.

Why continue to go it alone when you can tap into the knowledge and experience of hundreds of other female professionals?

Make lifelong friends and valuable contacts, and join the hundreds of members who pool their knowledge and resources to help each other become more successful every day. Get an edge over your competition and stay informed of news and trends. Learn about new opportunities while they’re still hot, and avoid the pitfalls before they take you by surprise. You can meet virtually, hundreds of professional Women of Color who are on a mission to build, motivate and create a legacy for themselves, their children and the Sisterhood.

The Phenomenal Women compels one to want to build friendships. Our group consists of over 3000 women from the U.S. and oversees as well. Although we are diverse in professions, lifestyles and beliefs, we are united in our mission to provide personal and professional development assistance to our members. We often refer to one another as “sister” which reflects our sentiment and sincere appreciation that we have for each member. When a “sister” needs us we make a collective effort to provide her with whatever she may need. The objective is to provide encouragement and support for sisters that may need charitable services, networking opportunities, career development and entrepreneurial mentoring. We have a diverse group of women that vary in age as well as professions and it is our belief that the inclusion of such diversity is beneficial to our success.

We have the current initiatives :

We are waging war on Domestic Violence!

We are pushing to bridge the digital divide for women!
We are looking to get facts out to our communities on health concerns and financial education in these bad economic times.
We wish to forge bonds with existing youth groups and clubs by pushing forward in mentorship efforts.
We wish to form partnership efforts with other organizations that have similar visions and work on team efforts as we are stronger in numbers


National Officers

Executive Director / President - Michelle Mitchell

National Secretary – Chanda Reaves

National Marketing Director  - Madison Bedard

National Publicity Director – Althema Goodson

National Health Director – Wendy Williams R.N–

National Director of Community Initiatives   - C.Marie Edwards

National Director of Communications – t/b/a